Hello TFSA! It's been a while...

Some of you will remember me, and some newer guys may not. I'll keep this post to the point and post a more general update elsewhere.

Long story short, my business partner and I have finally decided to go our different ways and sell/close our beloved Red Giant Design Studio. This has been the product of 8 years of hard work, celebrations and heartache. We've done some great things, learned from many mistakes and are taking out of it an invaluable wealth of experience.

Accordingly, we have made the decision to sell our website/domain/branding/content and are looking for interested buyers.

The domain (redgiantdesign.co.za) is well-established, well-recognised and still maintains good rankings (PR 5) despite a lack of upkeep from our side in recent times. With a little TLC and a good content marketing strategy, this site can rocket straight back to the top of page 1. In our prime we were ranking top 3 for all our major search terms in an extremely competitive market and bringing in local and international business.

I ran extensive SEO campaigns and external link building efforts which saw me write several popular articles on authoritative international and local sites (Sitepoint.com, Smashing mag, WooThemes.com, Moz.com, etc.)

We're willing to entertain negotiations on the sale of all content along with the domain, including blog posts that are already scheduled (ready to post), a huge pocket of plugins for Wordpress, WooCommerce & various purchased themes (worth around R25k at last valuation), as well as the goodwill that goes along with the brand.

I'd love to sell this brand to someone who can appreciate what we've done and turn it into something more significant and if you're the right buyer, I'm sure we can negotiate a very attractive price as I place a value on the continuance of this brand which I've invested so much into. Would hate to see it disappear entirely.

Please pop me a message with questions if you're at all interested. I've got a couple interested buyers for the whole business, but I'm not sure they're a good fit.