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    Fixed appliances

    What is the regulations saying with regards to three phase and single phase cooking appliances used in take away stores for example that is feed from a welding socket? The socket can also be classified as an isolator cause it serves the same perpose, but should it be on earth leakage or not? A fixed alliance don't need earth leakage protection cause its on an isolator but in this case its equipment thst s on wheels that can be moved for cleaning purposes due to the oil etc. I struggle to come to a solid point regarding this as there's so many points that almost sounds contradictory in sans 10142:1. And some equipment works on two phases and neutral but I haven't seen a 2 phase c\b except for live and neutral 2 pole circuit breakers and then the normal 3 pole circuit breakers. What's your opinion about this and issuing a coc for this kind of installation?

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    When it comes to socket-outlets, section 6.15 must be taken into account. contains this -
    NOTE 1 Dedicated socket-outlets are the only socket-outlets that need not be protected by earth leakage.
    Then contains this -
    NOTE 1 Earth leakage protection is not required for the stove circuit when a stove coupler is used.
    The use of the term "stove coupler" may cause some confusion (as it did during the interview of one of the candidates for a technical advisor post of the ECA(SA) last week), so for clarity - specifies -
    A stove coupler shall comply with the requirements of SANS 60309-1 and shall be of dimensions as given in SANS 337.

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