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    Just a question , in the telecommunication enviroment which is listed as ICA, if a client defaut on payments and the account is written off as bad debt, and if the subscriber manages to pay the bad debt within a speific period of time , would there be any obligation on the company to quarantine theses numbers should the client revert back wanting to now honour what is left of the contract term.


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    Jazz - I presume that there is an agreement entered into between the telecom company offering the service in exchange for a fee or rate and the consumer on the other hand. Should a client then be in breach of the contract the service provider will usually elect to cancel the agreement and suspend any further services. Once the contract is canceled the obligation on the side of the service provider to provide further services stops.

    It is up to the service provider then to recover any bad debt due to them. Even if the bad debt is written off and the consumer pays up the debt, the contract is still canceled. Should the consumer wishes to continue with the service he has to enter into a new agreement with the service provider unless the service provider makes provision for the quarantine of the numbers and a mechanism to continue with the agreement after any default payments have been brought up to date.

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