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Thread: Doing Business - 2007

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    Doing Business - 2007

    The Doing Business report for 2007 has been released. According to MoneyWeb's summary of it, we are not getting worse, but not getting better, while other countries continue to improve.

    Every year, the World Bank publishes the Doing Business Report, which looks at the regulations various countries impose on businesses that make doing business more difficult. In 2006, South Africa ranked 28th in the world, a respectable showing. We slipped to 29th in 2007, and in the latest rankings, for 2008, we are down to 35.

    While South Africa has not necessarily been moving backwards in terms of the ease of doing business in our country, other countries have been reforming rapidly as globalisation becomes an ever-more present reality.

    Read the full article on MoneyWeb
    Have a scan through the table in the MoneyWeb article for a summary of how we are doing.
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    Great links. Thanks Duncan. The report itself is quite a lot to digest!
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