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Thread: Improving your web marketing - a simple step.

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    Improving your web marketing - a simple step.

    Whilst Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an industry in its own right, there are a few simple things you can do to improve your ranking without spending any money.

    Why search engine ranking is important.
    It's all very well having a website telling the virtues of your company, but if no-one visits it's as useful as an unread magazine. You can get traffic talking to existing clients; you can integrate your website into existing marketing as an additional information resource, but how about getting total strangers visiting who are specifically looking for you or what your product has to offer.

    Now this is where search engine rankings become rather important. Folks tend to put some keywords into the query bar and thousands of options come up - and search engines like google try their best to make sure that the best options come first.

    So if you have asked the right questions, used the right keywords, google should have a damn fine answer for you within the first couple of pages. This means that most folk are not going to keep flipping through to page 10+ where your website might be languishing as the 100th most likely option.

    Improving your score.
    So obviously the name of the game is to get search engines to like you when the words that are important to you come up.

    Now part of this game is about content. If your site is a goldmine of information, it should score higher - and this is where onsite SEO focuses a fair amount of attention. Getting the right words close together, higher up the page, in the heading, in the title, in metatags and buried as alternative text for graphics.

    Another variable that helps your rating is external links. These are links from other websites that point to your website. Essentially, the more external links pointing to your website, the better. Although you also need to be careful that those links are relevant and from good neighbourhoods.

    That simple step.
    So here's something you can do right now to start working on improving your score - it's dead easy and it's free. Are you ready for this....?

    Register as a member on this site!!!

    As a registered member you can edit your profile and get a link to your website from our membership directory.

    Even if you don't have a website, I've got a really simple solution so that you can STILL generate some business from the web - but that one is reserved for registered members only.

    Nothing to it. Register now to take a quick and easy step to improving your web exposure.

    And I'll see you in the registered members area later.
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