Stumbled on this company: Madesure Home (I am not promoting them in any way!!)

They have policies for low income employees, eg. domestic workers, garden workers, etc.

Do you think it is worth while to take out a policy for your domestic worker?

Basically for R95 per month, they get:

Hospital benefits

  • Hospital Cash Plan for Accidental Injury R1,000 per day for up to 14 days P/A 48-Hour waiting period.
  • ER24: Emergency Medical Care with access to immediate medical assistance for you and your family. Available 24/7. Hotline 083 124.
  • Hospital Guarantee Cash R7,500
  • Emergency Transportation at R100,000
  • Life Support equipment is also provided up to R100,000.
  • Rehabilitation where an employee is unable to perform his own job but can be rehabilitated to perform a different job, the policy covers 80% (up to R75,000) of the re-training costs.

Disability benefits

  • Permanent Disability Cover. R50,000. No waiting periods.
  • Mobility Cover Up to R150,000 for permanent disability. Covers costs for electric wheelchair + prosthetics.
  • Childcare R200 per day for 28 days on Accidental Disability of main member/spouse/child. 7-day waiting period.

Funeral benefits

  • Final Rest. R18,000. Covers all causes of death.
  • Accidental Death R50,000 cover.
  • Body Repatriation Up to R35,000 cover. This pays for transportation costs of the deceased or critically injured.

Income protection

  • Income Replacement for Serious Illness (i.e. Cancer, heart attack, stroke) pays up to R1,000 per week for up to 13 weeks. Max claim age 55. 30-day waiting period. Does not cover pre-existing conditions.

Lifestyle benefits

  • HIV accidental exposure benefit covers a 7-day course of STI medication. Up to R100,000 cover. (Pays out for HIV infection due to blood transfusion or rape).
  • Trauma Counseling R750 per session. (up to R25,000 per family member p.a.) Covering acts of violence.
  • Debt Saver Program debt assist, protection from creditors and free credit checks.
  • Avis 14 Seater Discounted rate for 7 days.


My feelings is that I want to do as much as possible for my domestic worker I am able to, and the above doesn't look to bad....

They can always go and claim UIF also.