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Thread: Good Car Cellphone Charger and Holder?

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    Good Car Cellphone Charger and Holder?

    Hello All,

    Trust the festive season is going well.

    I am looking for a good cellphone car charger and holder (separate items not combined)

    Car charger must be good quality and be able to quick charge a phone like the Samsung S7. If the car charger is bought separately from the cable, please also suggest a good quality cable that can also quick charge. I don't really want to use the same cable that comes with the cellphone.

    and the holder will be for the new shape Toyota Corolla.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated from your experiences.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I bought a Tomtom GPS a while ago. With it came a very handy cell phone holder that is adjustable for different phone sizes.
    However, my car has a Microsoft Sync function that connects my phone via bluetooth, so I never have to take my phone out of my pocket. Answering is automatic (adjustable) and calling is via voice commands. I have about 78 hrs of music on a USB and can change the type of music, artist or specific track also via voice commands. This is total bliss and of course adds to road safety as everything is hands free.

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