Hi all,

I'm in the market for a car, I'm looking at second hand low mileage corolla quest + aka the uber car. I've found one for 190k with 5k on the clock and looking for some input on how to structure the deal i.e in my name or my company name. For clarity, I'm buying the car for my personal and business use (landlording) and don't plan on becoming an uber driver or starting an uber business, I just like the Toyota brand, and in particular this model.

If I buy the car through one of my rental companies, then I have the benefit of raising the depreciation expense against my rental income and pay less company tax as opposed to registering the car in my name. I'll also be expensing the interest and insurance costs against my rental income bringing my pre tax profits down further.

Are there any other benefits to this and do you guys have any input when it comes to buying cars through companies, financing advise etc?

P.S. this is more of tax, company benefit discussion than a car discussion, but if you have input on the car itself then feel free to chip in too, thanks.