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Thread: Thank you to The Forum SA!

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    Thank you to The Forum SA!

    To Dave A and The Forum SA,

    This post is long overdue, but better late than never...

    I want to record my deep gratitude to Dave A and his wonderful discussion form, The Forum SA (TFSA), for facilitating the growth of my consulting business in a way that I would never have imagined.

    Although I have an effective Google-friendly website for gathering enquiries, the majority of enquiries that come to me are as a result of forum posts that I have made on TFSA after someone has done a Google search on various Pastel related issues. TFSA is incredibly Google-transparent!

    I urge other members on TFSA to take advantage of TFSA's Google-friendliness to promote their businesses. You will need to do some work yourself to make it work for you though.

    Thank you, once again, Dave A and TFSA!
    Neville Bailey - Sage Pastel Accounting Consultant
    IronTree Online Solutions

    "Give every person more in use value than you take from them in cash value."
    WALLACE WATTLES (1860-1911)

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    It is truly rewarding to see what was a hope turn into a reality. Ultimately this success is a result of one hand washing the other.
    Or perhaps that should be many hands washing many others.

    On behalf of so many that have found guidance for their particular challenge here on TFSA, thank you everyone for all the expert help you have given on TFSA over the years. You really have made a difference.

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    Agree with Dave Neville, you're just reaping what you have sown over the years with your active participation and helpfulness to others. Great to hear you're doing well, you deserve it.


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