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Thread: Pastel Payroll exception for Bi-Annual EMP501 submission

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    Pastel Payroll exception for Bi-Annual EMP501 submission

    I got the following exception on the Bi-Annual EMP501 submission:

    EMP001: Source code 4497 (2930.00) not equal to Sum of Deductions (3921.00)

    How do I fix this?

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    Hi there, make sure you on on the correct version of payroll: update 3a. That should fix all problems. Else you can manually adjust the csv.
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    Good afternoon, I am also having an issue with Pastel Payroll Online in respect of the ETI and after 2 requests emailed to the Help Desk no help has been forthcoming. Below is the gist of my problem

    We had an employee who qualified for ETI during 2018,2019 and 2020 financial years, she was terminated when the P......... relocated to K.... from B.......

    We were unable to claim our ETI as efiling rejected our claims due to funds being owing to SARS as a result of roundings, in January 2021 the roundings issue was finally sorted out and when I filed our EMP201 for January 2021 I recorded the full amount of ETI that was due to us in terms of Payroll calculations on the EMP201 as ETI Calculated and did not claim it as ultilised. This amount was carried over into February 2021 as ETI carried forward.

    I retrieved the amount of ETI due off Pastel Payroll and entered it onto the EMP201, I never processed the amount via Payroll resulting in the variance.

    Please can you assist me in rectifying this problem.

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