Our Pastel Set Up was done by a consultant. I'm unable to get assistance in terms of the set up errors I am picking up when I have started to process transactions on the Pastel. The set up problem is with the processing of the Supplier Invoice.

When Processing the Supplier Invoice it request for the expenditure account and liability account and then it will asks the same account allocations for the Goods Receive Voucher. I have set up a Purchases Account and in the Inventory Node Transaction Types, I have set the Supplier Invoice to Cr Accounts Payable and Dr Purchases Accrual and for the GRV; I wanted it to be set as Dr Expenditure Account and Cr Purchases Accrual however I am stuck as to how to link the expenditure because when I leave the Dr box blank it does not want to save. Is the a way to save or a way to create links to the various expenditure codes.

your assistance will be appreciated.