Can somebody out there advise me.I went under Debt Review in October 2010 and for some reason it was never made an order of court,but the debt councillor charged me for taking the matter to court.So my gripe is that I have been paying my creditors monthly since October 2010 and most of the debts have grown due to interest charges.

I requested statements to see what is going on and I never get an accurate statement because they apply the "In Duplicum "rule and then deduct the payments they receive and state that that is the balance outstanding.

For those that are not familiar with the "In Duplicum" rule it states that the amount owing can never be greater than double the original debt.

So I have been paying every month for the past 5 years and 8 months and the debt s have only reduced marginally.I can see myself paying for the next eight years at this rate and i would like to know what can I do because the situation sucks.

I thought that I would be out of debt in 5 years but this is not the case.
I am unemployed at present and do not own any assets except personal effects which would amount to about R10000 at most.

My question is if I default on payment what can the creditors do.I don't have assets ,fixed property or a car.So it may be an option to go this router rather than do the honorable thing and pay my debts over the next eight years

Please advise