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Thread: Question relating to old installation (1974)

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    Question relating to old installation (1974)

    Evening all

    I am currently busy with a inspection on a house that was build in 1974 and I came across a light in the garage that is getting supply from a socket outlet. So my question is do I disconnect the light from the socket outlet circuit or would it be suitable to attach a warning notice at the light switch stating it's supplied from socket circuit and also attach a label "mix circuit" on the DB below the plug circuit it is fed from. The installation complies with the general safety principles except +- 6 lights in the house that's wired with ripcord.
    Your inputs will be much appreciated.

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    If the ripcord is in steel conduit and it's got asuitable voltage rating and it's supplying ClassII light fittings it might be legal. I don't know of any regulation off hand that forbids a light being supplied from a socket as long as the socket is single phase, not rated at more than 16A and is protected by a 30mA RCD.


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    I'm unclear from the above as to whether the light is wired in directly or if it is on a plug top.

    Assuming it is wired in directly, the answer is to mark the circuit as "mixed" (or quite often I'll see the circuit marked as "Garage"), and to make sure the over-current protection is appropriate to the conductor (make sure the light is wired in 2.5mm if on a 20A circuit breaker).

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