Ekt bietjie advise nodig asb.

1. Laptop plugs- crabtree has plugs that makes provision for the 2 pin and 3 pin plug such as installed at kfc and restaurants. Isn't this 2 pin suppose to have an earth?

2. I'm started now in a company that do revamps and all the lights plug into 5Amp sockets. Would I write it as light points or plug points on the coc?

3. Lights higher then 2.4m doesn't need to be earthed, now some downlighhts are lower that 2.4m but it's a 220v connector but the downlight fittings is 12v fittings as there's no earth connection to it. Should the fittings be changed? As it's only the globe that makes contact with the metal part so I can't see that the fitting can become live at any stage.

4. The ups input plugs into a welding socket as well as the output. Would I still write it as alternative supply on the coc and must the neutral circuits that is feed from the ups be on its own neutral bar

5. The sign boards on the outside of the shop is installed by another contractor. Should I just make mention of it on the coc that the coc is only up to the plug point and that the light that must be plugged in, is not covered?
6. Is it true that welding sockets don't need to be on earth leakage cause the appliance can plug out?