When it comes to cloud solutions, “one size NEVER fits all." When choosing the best solution for accounting and collaboration, your clients must choose the solution that works best for their own specific set of conditions including;

1. Necessary functions
2. Cost
3. Local internet speed
4. PC capabilities
5. File size
6. Security concerns
7. Personal preference
8. Number of shared users
9. Need for simultaneous access

Once this evaluation takes place, an accountant/bookkeeper can then help the client determine what resource best suits their needs.

In some cases, that solution may be a hosted product like QBO or alike. In other cases, they may want to keep the desktop look and feel but require a hosted solution to achieve their objectives. If they prefer to work entirely in their local environment but experience the best attributes of the cloud, they can even look at sharing solutions like Qbox.

The bottom line is, "One size does not fit all" and we can all best meet the needs of our clients/prospects when we are willing to consider their situation first and then apply the most appropriate solution. This simple business philosophy will lead to an increase in new clients and a greater retention of the clients you already have.

Wishing you success in your business.