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Thread: Monetary Jurisdiction of courts

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    Monetary Jurisdiction of courts

    Good day

    From elswehere on the net and specificaially from "Ethical debt collecting procedures for the small business" on this forum it states the following:

    Monetary Jurisdiction, The Magistrates Courts monetary jurisdiction is R100 000; the Regional Magistrates Courts monetary jurisdiction is R300 000, and the High Courtís monetary jurisdiction is unlimited;

    My question is if I am issued summons for credit card debt to the amount of R36k should it not be a summons from a Magistrates Court? If it is from a High Court is it wrong? Can I request a new court? Are these jurisdictions set in stone or is the plaintiff able to choose? Would I be prejudiced in terms of cost for example when a matter could be dealt with in Mag court instead of High Court?


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    It would not be wrong but you will bear the wrath of the court (ito costs).

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