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Thread: creating leftout invoices for previous year

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    creating leftout invoices for previous year

    i had left out invoices for prevoius year.
    i made an error by lunching that previous year and did the corrections as follows.
    created the customer account
    captured the invoices.
    reversed the receipts from the bank statement
    passed those receipts in the customer account

    when i when i realised i suppose to do that in the current financial year i then went back and do a reverse of all .
    it completely changed my entire result in both the income statement and balance sheet.
    the totals were different.thought there were going to be thesame since i just reversed what i did.

    kindly assist me with steps to resolve this mess and how to do that correctly in the current financial year.

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    Hi newinpastel, if you made a backup of the previous year (the one you launched from) everything should be the same as you left it.
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