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Thread: IRP5 with no PAYE value - Pastel Payroll

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    IRP5 with no PAYE value - Pastel Payroll


    I am hoping someone can help. I have an employee that was working slightly above the threshold for PAYE, and PAYE duly deducted until October last year. The employee worked another 3 months where PAYE was reimbursed due to unpaid leave taken. The total value of PAYE has now been reimbursed for the entire year for this person. When I am creating the Electronic Cerficates and importing to easyfile, I am getting an error on this employee because I guess, there should be a positive value for the PAYE amount for this employee as he should have been issued an IRP5 and not an IT3a. I have tried changing the tax status in the Master File to Under the Threshold so that perhaps the status can change to IT3a, but this still doesn't work.

    How can I fix it?

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    There should be a code 4150 with option 2 selected. This indicates to SARS that it's an IT3a. You should be able to change it on easyfile.
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