I get a daily letter from WealthDaily, and an article today by Jeff Siegel sparked my interest.

With the current situation in South Africa, or for the world for that matter, I think the following may be relevant.

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A Fine Line Between Crazy and Genius

Here are my top six investments for either a post-work world or a post-civilized world.

1. Land If the world goes to hell, you still need to eat.

2. Seeds You can't grow food if you don't have seeds.

3. Water It's the foundation of life.

4. Firearms Although a thriving garden is necessary if you want to stay healthy, you also need a steady source of protein.

5. Solar panels The things so many people used to identify as toys for wealthy eccentrics and overzealous tree-huggers are now tools of survival.

6. Yourself That's right. Invest in yourself.

Now understand, these are investments you should make to ensure you and your family stay safe if things do get really bad.

Sure, some folks may think you're crazy, but you know what they say there's fine line between crazy and genius.

I'm OK with that.