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    Talking Overseas Experience

    Hey! I love travelling and I know quite a few South Africans are teaching English overseas and they are loving the experiences because they get to...

    1. Travel and save quite a bit of money and pay off students loans
    2. Gain international perspectives
    3. Meet friends from other nations
    4. Obtain more working experiences for their CV
    5. Learn a different language

    I know some of you out there might want to have some overseas experience so I thought I would try share the info on an open forum to let more people know. If you know of anyone or if you are interested in teaching English in China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Russia for a short while, feel free to email me at for more info. I can recommend you a very good recruitment company in Taiwan that is able to assist you from the beginning to the end with a free teacher placement service. All you need is a bachelor degree. The company offers TEFL courses with a discount cost as well if you need.

    Feel free to ask questions and chat!


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    I would recommend as much travel as possible to anyone. So much to see. Great opportunities these days with being able to work abroad.

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    I taught English in India a few years ago. I swear it was one of the best experiences of my life! Exploring and living in new cultures is truly a gift unlike any other!

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