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Thread: Creating an additional company in pastel

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    Creating an additional company in pastel


    I'm new to using Sage Evolution, I need to add an additional company in Pastel, using the correct GL codes and it is a simple straight forward company with no manufacturing module. This might be a silly question or an easy task, but unfortunately I have no experience in Pastel and I have no Idea how to add a company in Pastel ,but any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Wood. I use Pastel Xpress, but I would imagine that the steps are basically the same.

    There are two ways of creating a new company.
    1. Use the Setup Assistant (recommended)
    2. Start a New Company. This method entails letting up all your parametres, periods, entry types etc.

    Goto File - click on New
    Type in a directory name for your company in the "New Company Nme" Box (max 8 characters). Make sure Setup Assistant is the option chosen.
    Click on create.
    Choose South Africa ... next
    Enter Company Information.
    Select Date Format ... next
    Select the Period your financial year runs in (usually 1 Mar to 28 Feb)
    Then comes the interesting bit about selecting your chart of accounts. You have a selection from a drop down box. Choose the one that most resembles the type of operation that the company will be involved in.
    Next choose how many cash books you want and what you are going to call them.
    Inventory is next ... if you are needing to use it
    Choose your default terms (Monthly based or day based)
    Next choose whether you want open item or Balance forward for your Customer Defaults. It describes the difference on the screen.
    Choose your Printing options
    Click Process to finish the job and create the company.

    Hope this helped.
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