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Thread: South Africa's motor industry.

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    South Africa's motor industry.

    There was an occassion last month when I realised that we have something to be quite proud of in our motor industry. This article reminded me of it.
    South Africa's automobile industry was a leader in the government's radical expansion of the manufacturing sector, President Thabo Mbeki said on Wednesday in stressing that it be encouraged and supported.

    It was self-evident that the automobile sector would play a significant role in ensuring the country achieved the higher rates of economic growth it needed, Mbeki said at Daimler Chrysler's launch of the Mercedes-Benz W 204 C Class in East London.

    He said the Motor Industry Development Programme (MIDP) review undertaken in 2005 was scheduled for completion in December.

    The review aimed to, among others, evaluate the industry's performance in making vehicles more affordable, growing exports, rationalising production platforms and stabilising and growing employment.

    "At the same time, the thrust of this review is to ensure that our automotive industry remains globally competitive and is integrated into the global value chain," Mbeki said in a speech prepared for delivery.
    full story from M&G here

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    motor vehicle manuf. in SA

    do our local motor vehicle manufacturers pay royalties to their parent companies? eg Volkswagen has a plant in PE(i think) but its a German company with its HQ in Wolfsburg.
    does VWSA pay royalties to the German HQ?
    im trying to work out why the price of motor vehicles is so high in SA. Even used cars are too bloody expensive. actually, if we took the price of a decent used car in SA, you could almost buy a brand new vehicle in the UK or USA. whats the reason for this?

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    Question repatriate purchase price, not profits.

    well, in the good old days of apartheid when some american companys still did business here under the pretext of supplying technology & not profiteering, there were some of those that supplied their company here at prices that were at normal retail in their own countries.i think HP was one of those of us who at that time did business with the aforementioned companies did at balooned prices,much to our a can of coke in Dubai is approx R2-3 & it is double that here.???? makes one wonder

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    I was wondering, seeing that AI has evolved so quickly during the past couple of years, How will AI effect the personal selling process in the coming future and what effect will this have on salespeople working in the ever growing used vehicle environment

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    I think that too much emphasis is being placed on "AI".
    In my opinion it is still decades if not centuries from being able to replace a human.
    Just remember "AI" currently relies totally on what humans have created to this moment in time, by plagiarizing.
    Yes humans also do this, but in most cases we add to it, and pass this off as research and development and improving.
    So effectively "AI" will not create something new from nothing, this is what the human species does, it creates due to necessity.
    "AI" will not develop the next new controller with new ideas, but rather will try and create a controller based on what has already been done in the past.

    Yes "AI' will take over many menial repetitive tasks, but machines have been doing this for centuries, every time this has happened in the past, humanity has jumped up a few steps in its journey of progress and improvement, and able to increase the population and by the effect of numbers increase the number of great minds appearing.
    The more one can relieve your time from doing menial tasks and attempting to survive, (which is why poor people remain poor, as they can not get out of the hole of surviving to progress), the more time we can spend in improving and learning new science, which is the path to eventually take the human race to the stars.
    Victor - Knowledge is a blessing or a curse, your current circumstances make you decide!
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