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Thread: Best Place to Find a PC Repair Guy?

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    Best Place to Find a PC Repair Guy?

    Where do folks usually go to, to find a tech person when your PC (printer/fax/etc) is acting up, and it happens to be something you can fix on your own? Plus it is out of warranty. I know a Google search is usually the first start, but are there other more general places to go?

    For instance, would you first almost automatically go to Gumtree? or maybe OLX? or Would first do a Google search and sift through the results one after the other. making one call after another? Or perhaps there are other non-traditional or non-Google sources (similar to Gumtree & OLX) for quickly finding technicians that I am not aware of?

    Thanks for any insights.

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    word of mouth is the best way to find a
    good pc repair person

    i use to know a guy he lived with his mom
    in his late 30s and was able to fix anything
    on the computer side of things

    he never could keep a job i never asked
    why but last time learned that he did take
    his own life pity was a really nice guy he
    just sat in his room an figure the stuff out
    and fixed it

    his mom said i was the only guy that paid
    him he did work for free for many people
    fixing there stuff was really intelligent but
    something broke sadly
    seek professional help with anything and everything never take advice from me

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    i find that theres many pc repair guys on Gumtree- they sell the stuff the buy from auctions and also stuff that they get from customers.

    some are not very knowledgeable but theres lots who know how to repair pc's properly

    when it comes to printers/fax etc- the guys who know how to repair them properly are mostly registered companies- so u should be prepared to pay more.
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