I recently renamed my computer and did updates. After the updates I could not open companies as it cannot find the server which is my c/drive. I then renamed my computer back to the previous name, but thereafter it now opens in a kind of safe mode or something. And it still cannot open any companies. I removed pastel Xpress 12 and loaded the cd again. It still goes to the same safe mode type of screen as if it is corrupted and cannot do anything in it. I keep getting an error 404 code. I don't know what to do and is desperate as it is year-end and I cannot access Pastel. Can it be the upgrades that is affecting Pastel?

The message displayed shows: "One or more companies have been deleted through the operating system or was removed from the company list. Pastel will now update the menu selection. Please re-select a Company in the Open Company Screen".

Please help me?