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Thread: SA Consumer food market-Survey

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    Cool SA Consumer food market-Survey

    Hi All
    Im currently studying Marketing Management at UNISA and doing a research project. Part of the module is to gather primary data and would really appreciate it if you could participate and complete my online survey by clicking on the link below ;

    I would really appreciate it

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    Hi Michele
    Done good luck with this, it looks like fun.
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    I decided to copy my response to how I would like to see in a restaurant, as I feel that it is very lacking in most restaurants her.

    Clean with cloth table tops and tiled floors for cleanliness. Waiters who are polite, patron friendly and can read a patrons requirements, and is knowledgeable in the restaurant offering. Food must be freshly prepared, tasty and well presented on the plate, and I personally prefer quality over quantity. A good range of red wines at "European" room temperature which is at 13 degrees Centigrade, and not at 22 degrees because of the warm Africa weather. Good range of white wines. If a beer is ordered, then ensure the beer if bottled is at 5 degrees centigrade, and a frozen glass provided, in which the beer is poured into and maintain it's cool temperature. Pouring a cold beer into a warm glass spoils the taste. A limited menu of meat, fish, pasta, dessert menu to ensure that the limited selection does not spoil the quality of the food. If back ground music is provided, then it must be background music, not load so that to have a conversation one has to shout. Ensure fast service, and ensure the waiter is attentive to the patrons, during the starters, main course and dessert menus.
    Good quality coffee machine, and use good quality freshly ground coffee beans to ensure that when the coffee is drawn from the machine, the flavours and aromas of the coffee beans travel through the restaurant inviting patrons to enjoy their meal. Waiters must not be over bearing, and interrupt the patrons every 2 minutes. The waiter but preferably the manager may come to the table and ask how the meal has been presented and if there are any issues. Do this once if there are no problems, else be attentive if there were. During the meal, the waiter must be attentive to any requests the patrons wish while eating, and provide a quick efficient service when a request is made, as this is the most critical time to ensure the patron enjoys the meal. The worst is having an empty glass half way through the meal, and the waiter can not be found to replenish. Use the metaphor of giving a battery operated toy to a child on Christmas evening, and no batteries were supplied and all the shops are now closed. The excitement of the moment is then lost.
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    Done. Hope it helps

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