Hi all. I am pulling my hair out with pastel and with financial year end around the corner I need some help, and I am sure I will get it here. My cash book and detailed ledger do not agree. The amount in question appears as a journal entry on the cash movement report yet the receipt was processed just as every other receipt which is captured using the receipts and deposits set up. We are using Pastel 12. The entry appears in the cash book, but is nowhere to be found in the detailed ledger. As such the trial balance bank balance is incorrect. I have the same problem with my petty cash cash book, however the variance there is in reverse in that the gremlin transaction amount appears in the detailed ledger but not in the cash book. The amount in question here also shows as a journal on the cash movement report. I am stumped. The data integrity does not show a thing. How is this possible. I have read other messages and this has nothing to do with transfer between cash books. I am convinced I have corrupt files. There is still more wrong specifically with entries which do not appear on match open item, but I am sure the page will run out soon. Help!!![ Sorry one more thing the variances can be seen in the respective accounts when looking at the closing balance of the one month to the opening of the next, which differ.