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Thread: Preferred make of electrical components

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    Preferred make of electrical components

    Good Evening all.

    Is there any make of electrical components you prefer to install or replace? I used to be "fan" of CBI, but it seems to me the quality of CBI became a bit chitty the last few years... I was introduced to Chint at a roadshow and I must say Im quite impressed with it so far. Then I also see a LESCO, NUR, CONDERE, CRABTREE and LEAR to mention some of them. The Lear products looks cheap(and is much cheaper than CBI), but not quite sure about the quality. Clients usually ask me value for money, but For them to pay for CBI to last most probably not that long anymore seems not right to me. Any feedback will be appreciated.


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    I agree that the new CBI aren't as bullet proof as their older generation stuff but I still quite like their RCD's. Out of all the earth leakage breaker tests I do, their failure rate is pretty low(ish). Chint and Leer are very high failure rate comparatively speaking.

    The problem is the massive price differences, the cheap brands are literally a fifth of the price sometimes. CBI aren't cheap and TBH in that price bracket I'd prefer Hager or even Merlin Gerin/Schneider. We also use Siemens or Legrand for high-spec panels and GE or even Gewiss are decent mid range kit.

    I haven't found a cheap brand yet that I'd be happy to install, I think circuit breakers are one of those things where you really do get what you pay for. They're also one of those oddities that you can't really test but I've always promised myself that if I win the lottery one day I'd buy myself a current injection tester.


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    One place to start looking at is the test certificates for the relevant suppliers and for the relevant range of breakers that you wish to use. Make a comparison with the different makes. Any testing lab that puts their name on a certificate should be be reputable, however I usually look tor a TUV or a UL test certificate. Also ensure that you follow the actual UL or TUV number to ensure that the test is what your requirements are. Many companies get a test certificate for measurement or size, and then flaunt the fact they have a test certificate, most people assume it is the electrical test.

    Use google to get the info, it is there with a bit of effort to find.
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    I worked for a top end switchgear manufacturer. Fact is inferior materials are used with your cheaper products. Rather pay a bit more and have peace of mind.

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