Please help!!!

I need advise.

For many years I had a company Baudin and ass. doing my book keeping. During 2014 he told me he was going to retire and the books would be moved to a company called Finance spec. He informed me that he Required a R10 000 fee to complete finalize the book work and hand it over to Finance spec.

I managed to get hold of the People at Finance spec, who informed me that they would take over and sort out the books. I have been sending emails and asking what is happening, it seems nothing has happened.

I am now told today that Gerry the owner of Bauding and ass. submitted nil returns to SARS and my documentation is in archives somewhere and nobody seems to know where.

I have managed to find another accounting firm to try sort out this mess, within 24 hrs i had a list of all outstanding SARS returns etc and it seems not much was done. I am now R10 000 out of pocket for 2014.

How do I fix this. I have been advised to report Gerry Baudin to the some council.