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Thread: Telkom DSL the best!

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    Telkom DSL the best!

    Just got to love this page.

    Telkom is proud of the fact that its DSL access services were voted the best broadband service in South Africa and that by our biggest critics.

    The SA Computer Magazine had the following to say about Telkom's DSL service after doing a group test comparing Telkom ADSL and other broadband providers.

    "Its the best value for money Internet solution currently available" - SACM Aug 2005.
    I think they forgot to mention how hard they are working to keep it that way - by shaping their competitors' bandwidth, maybe?

    Found the page by going to Go figure.

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    Actually they have one of the worst packages there is and it has been so for some time now. Check out myadsl for the details on this issue - Networking Forums SA partner site. Let's support each other for a better South Africa.

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