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Thread: Namibia funny standard

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    Namibia funny standard

    Happy new year guys

    1. I have a serious problem concerning the coc here in Namibia, since there is lot of REDs(Regional Electrical Distributor) its seems like each reds is having its own standard apart from having own or different coc form. one of the reds coc form does not even have a (declaration) signatory and details of Inspector as a proof of evidence in case something happen to the building and they cannot make a copy for you to file it.

    2.The inspector did not try examinations of installation rule in his life and he dont know what is unit standard, and most of licence holder of that reds did not even have a N3 certificate, Trade Diplom/certificate and they never head about installation rule paper 1 and 2 before not to mentioned unit standard.

    3. I had an argument with inspector after i wired a DB in a house single phase supply and the main circuit breaker is double pole breaker, he told me that he never seen that before and he has been doing the same job for 6 years now, he refuse to switch power on and told me to go to hell with my Qualifications and my installations rule book. after i did a research i found out that only 1% of single phase supply with the double pole breaker as a main in the the whole country.

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    In SA before the introduction of national regulations and standards, it was the particular supply authority for the property concerned that ruled the roost here too.

    I have a past member of staff who is emigrating to New Zealand. He's already done a spell there and popped in to visit while back here to wind up some SA loose ends. Apparently when it comes to domestic single phase installations there, all your get from the supplier is a live conductor. No neutral and no earth.

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