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Thread: Electronic Calenders

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    Electronic Calenders

    I use GMAIl calendar.

    My challenge is when one receives or sends an invite through outlook.
    Anyone know if there is a way to put it into the gmail calendar.

    At the moment I invite myself.

    SUNRISE is good to collaborate but I find it very unfriendly. There are limits on alerts and layout is not friendly, hence GMAIL calendar.
    Anthony Sterne
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    It is not perfect but what I did was I started to use gmail without outlook and used the calendar function directly. My phone a Samsung Galaxy A3 that is logged into the same email address get the updates automatically. I find that it just works better. It is not ideal for your situation and I have no experience with your software, but this works like a charm for the most part. Sometimes the update function freezes on the phone or the data freezes and my calendar didn't get the updates. I tend to double check that the update was made before I continue with my day.

    Again not ideal but for me personally it works. My outlook was always buggy and problematic to the point where I just stopped using it completely. Also my tablet gets the updates automatically as it is logged into the same email. In the end my laptop phone and tablet is on the same page at long last. Sorry I cannot be of anymore help to you.
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