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    A couple of years back, our family decided that Christmas is a commercial joke, which hurts the back pocket, and the best part of Christmas is the family and good friends together.

    So - new rule.

    MAXIMUM price on a present in the family (excluding kids/grandchildren) is R100.

    And the present must NOT be something USEFUL. It must be humorous, fun, etc, but don't spend hours looking for something the person can USE!

    It has been such a difference. Christmas has become FUN again, a day of relaxation and familty time.

    Recommend it highly!

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    My daughter came up with the idea of not to buying expensive and possibly unwanted presents. We now have family dinner at a top restaurant on Christmas eve, thoroughly enjoying ourselves without anyone having to do the cooking or washing up. It works out less than the expensive presents, even with a generous tip to the waitron (providing service was good). There may even be money available for the SPCA or some favourite charity.

    On Christmas day we lounge around the pool and help ourselves to snacks or whatever is available. This way we can enjoy each other's company with no pressure on any family member to wait on the others.
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    my rule is simple braai braai and more braai and BEST OF all SLEEP... if you want to make my day give me a nice fat soft pillow

    i would rather spend money on enjoyable food and don't even care much for visitors... Leave me alone on Christmas day... i am happy to eat alone... MORE FOR ME

    But no i Got family that expect a 5 star service and i have to handle there kids while they take over my TV...

    it is like a 3 day home invasion!!! I am thinking to go to the DAM and just go fishing this year... make sure i take the most horrible to get to place in South Africa that will confuse any GPS! And just spend time under the stars with a nice braai happy in my thoughts.

    This may sound selfish but they can't even be bothered to do the dishes or just actually take care of there own brats... So yea it sucks...
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    Another nice thing to do is that each person must do something themselves. They may buy bits n pieces worth, say R100 but they have to do it themselves....Depending on what they are good at they could cook, do a little guitar playing show, build something or even do a ballet routine...the point is that whatever they do it has to be using their own creativity.Little kids can paint or whatever.

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