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Thread: Lots of wi fi bandwidth at home solutions

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    Lots of wi fi bandwidth at home solutions

    Greetings and salutations,

    I figure that smartbox is a much better idea than DSTV, but that requires download facility at jome.
    I only have cell phone but if I need a telkom then so be it.

    MWeb springs to mind, but perhaps there are other options?
    Anthony Sterne
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    Usually a hard-wired (i.e. ASDL) option is cheaper, and may also mean faster connection. Though it greatly depends on your geographic location. These days I see lots of people (especially in Gauteng) getting fibre optic lines to their homes at speeds approaching LAN connections. If you want to stay wireless, then you either go the cell-phone route (3G, HSDPA, etc.) or some alternative like iBurst - but even that is geographically significant. E.g. some spots might only give EDGE speeds (i.e. not much faster than 20 year old analogue modems).

    For streaming live video (i.e. like an iTV / YouTube) you should at least have about 1MByte / sec (notice NOT 1MBIT - that's 8 to 10 times SLOWER) download speed, preferably more.
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    Friend of mine uses these guys and is happy with them... That said rather do a bit of homework...
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    I tried everything in my area and nothing worked , including adsl because we were too far from the exchange. I then took out the 3G package for 50gigs per month plus 50gigs after hours per month and works thro a Huwai LTE router - Speeds are fantastic (Up to 20mps) and more than enough data for us. R699 per month including a free router.

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