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Thread: video volume

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    video volume

    Please help a technodactyl
    When watching some youtube videos I can hardly hear the dialogue even with the volume bar at max

    Is there another way I can turn the volume up?
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    Does it only happen on some videos? If so, could you copy a link to one so we can check if the video's sound is just poorly recorded? The trouble with such is you can adjust to hear those, but then if you open one which was recorded properly - your ears may just bleed (if your speakers don't fly off to Mars). If you "really" want to "fix" this, you can download the video and edit it - but that would be highly technical.

    Otherwise there's quite a few places affecting volume on your own PC. From the volume control in the youtube page, through settings in the browser, on to the OSs volume controls / mixers / individual output controls. Through to settings of your audio device driver, in addition to stuff such as replay gain, normalization, boost, etc. Onto (perhaps if using a digital sound system like optical/co-axial connectors) the digital audio decoder's settings, and finally the speakers themselves may also have a volume control. All these together affect the volume.
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    When you say the volume bar at max, do you mean the you tube volume bar, or have you checked your computer systems settings and put that volume at max.

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    Since it only affects "some" youtube vids i'm assuming that the problem lies with with video and not with your hardware.
    What you can do to fix that is download VLC media player if you don't already have it,
    Right click on the youtube vid and copy URL

    Open VLC → File → Open Network, paste the YouTube URL and click Open. Doing this will stream the YouTube video through VLC, allowing you to use the VLC audio settings.
    You can double the volume in VLC with the mousewheel and if you download an older version of VLC you can even increase the volume up to 800%

    I'm sure that will sort out your problem quick and easy with the least amount of nerdism

    edit: also I would recommend commenting on the vid that the audio is poor or if its an old vid there could be many comments like that already. Its a clear indication that the problem is not on your end.
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