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Thread: Goodbye Voicemail

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    Goodbye Voicemail

    About a month ago I made a radical decision - I disabled my voicemail on my cellphone.

    As a self-employed consultant with no staff, I can only be contacted on my cellphone or by email, so one would assume that voicemail is an essential and convenient tool for clients to keep in touch with me while I am consulting with other clients.

    The reality is that I have become more and more stressed and irritated by having to wade through numerous voicemail messages whenever I switched my phone on. Most messages gave no indication of why I should call them back, so I became resentful of the time I was wasting, listening to one message after another.

    So I disabled my voicemail and now I get either sms messages or emails - much easier to respond to. And they tend to give more information of why they are contacting me.

    Not one client has complained.

    Life is bliss.
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    I think I agree with you that's much better Neville

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    100% agreed.

    I did this years ago and now have 'voicemail light', which just sends you an sms with the number of the missed call (which you can get from your call history anyway).

    Also when you leave the door open for people to leave voice messages they then have leverage over you...'oh I left a message on your voicemail...' People just leave the same 'please call me' messages which you get from your call history anyway.

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    If I don't answer, it means I don't want to talk to you, so leaving a message ain't gonna help either

    I with you on this Neville. I will talk when I am ready to talk. Especially when I am doing development work, I can not be distracted, too disruptive to the creative thinking process.
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