One of my friends has setup an easy website design tool that can help you get your own webpage up and running without having to know how to programme. I thought that some of you might be interested, so here is the email he sent out,

Over the last year alone I have shown more than 500 people how to develop their own online business. Some have taken the challenge and are running with it, making money and enjoying the freedom that comes with being in control of your own destiny.

The biggest stumbling block that many have is the lack of resources when it comes to building a website. Many developers are very expensive and it’s scary to sink a large amount of money into a project you’re unsure of.

Over the last few months I have been working on a system that will help you develop your own website. Whether you know how to program or not is irrelevant because the system does all the programming for you.

I’ve called the system “Easy Websites”. Using templates (over 80 of them) and a drag-and-drop click-and-go system, you will be able to create your own masterpiece website within an hour or so.

I am also giving out a DVD to everyone who signs up – showing you how to develop a site for yourself.

The system also includes your hosting, email and site stats as well as a lot of other technical features. For the full list, and to sign up, visit

Because this is a pilot program, the system can currently only cope with 100 users. If you would like to have an account with us, pleas! e visit and complete the form. The cost is only $34.95 per month (about R250) and it includes your hosting, email and access to our SiteStudio which will allow you to create your own website without needing to code.

I have about 14 000 people on my database, so I’m expecting the slots to fill up within the next few days. My only advice is to do this now!