My husband wrote his Installation rules exam during July & August this year. He has always received really good marks except for now.

Firstly they waited over 2 months for their results to be released as the papers where apparently he received his results today...and it is, to say the least, very poor results!!

He is sure he aced the one test and double sure he at least passed the other. Now the College told him he can not opt for a remark as the cut of date was 2 October (2 weeks before they received their results) and his only option is to re-write the exams next year!!

I have requested that they send us the paper & answer sheet for a second opinion, but they don't seem keen on doing this and they refuse to send me contact details at the Department of education.....Something is very wrong here!!

I would like to know what we are to do now? It there a type of ombudsman or somebody we can go to for help?