With provisional tax time lurking, here's something to note for folks who may have SARS loaded as a beneficiary on their online banking profile.

Effective from 31 July 2007, SARS closed its old FNB accounts. The following FNB accounts were affected.

Assessed Tax: 514 21187373
Provisional Tax: 514 21187399
Retirement Fund Tax: 514 21187430
Secondary Company Tax: 514 21187456
Employees Tax (PAYE): 514 211 87414
Skills Development Levy: 620 13984291
Unemployment Insurance Fund: 620 32045678
VAT: 514 21187737
Diesel: 620 29396919
Customs: 620 29548693
Air Passenger Tax: 620 206807741

It might be a good idea to quickly check if you have SARS listed as a beneficiary and update the account details.

My thanks to Standard Bank - who sent me this message:

The closure of these FNB accounts means that any beneficiary entries loaded on your Internet Banking profile with these account details are no longer valid. All payments to SARS using the old FNB account numbers and bank code will be rejected.

The most recent beneficiary detail validity check revealed that at least one private beneficiary entry is loaded on your profile. To ensure that payment to SARS is promptly processed, please update your profile by following these simple steps :
  • Log in to Internet Banking and click on "Payments"
  • Click on "Beneficiaries"
  • Delete beneficiary entries with "old" FNB account details
  • Click on "Add new company beneficiary" ( you will be prompted for a One-Time-Password)
  • Select the appropriate SARS account by using the search facility
  • Supply the beneficiary reference and confirm correctness