We are currently on Pastel 12.1.4. We are noticing factitious Supplier Invoices in our open Invoice batches.
For example:
An order was created for 4 of item X at a price of R1 each. Total order value R4
3 units was delivered and a supplier invoice was created for 3 x R1 = R3. An Supplier invoice is linked to the Purchase order, the invoice number and date are entered and the button for "Next invoice" are clicked. Simultaneous an second Supplier invoice is created for 4 x R1 = R4. No invoice number are entered and the original purchase order date are used. There is no prompt for the invoice number and you do not see this happening. If you look at the "look up" list of items in the open batch and sequence according to document number, you can see that the factitious Supplier Invoice was created first.

I have tried to re-create this, but are unsuccessful. Does anyone perhaps know why this would happen.

Kind regards,