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Thread: Do I need to register my company?

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    Do I need to register my company?

    Good Morning, My brother is starting his own company. It will only be him and my mother and they will be supplying strapping to the recycling industry. does he need to register his company? How? Where? We have no idea what the turnover will be.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    You could operate as a sole proprietor just to start up and then register a PTY with later once you bootstrap the business.

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    Try and keep it simple and leave your mother out of the ownership for now. Your brother should trade as a sole proprietor (which means as himself, with no company).

    I would suggest only looking at registering a company once you have the profits to fund the extra costs involved. The most significant reason to create and register a company is so that more than one person can share in the ownership of the business. You would register a company at the website given in the post above.

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