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Thread: Legality of debt collection methods

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    Legality of debt collection methods

    Hi all,

    I own a tyre and repair shop in Cape Town Northern suburbs. I have a couple of guys owing me money (still making a living, don't worry) and have three questions?

    1) Is there any debt collection strategies (or companies) that you can suggest or endorse? I've tried various methods (from blacklisting, to sitting in a reception area till I get paid), and collection companies, that basically hasn't yielded results.

    2) I know, from a previous legal tangle, that if I was ordered to carry out work, I have legal grounds to not release the vehicle until paid for. Once had a bank pay me for work done, so they could repossess the vehicle from my workshop floor. What if say "Company X" owes me R40k and they bring in another vehicle (expecting to pay cash for this transaction) I repair the vehicle and refuse to release until the full amount is paid?

    3) I have a good relationship with other workshops and tyreshops in the area. Taking the POPI law into account. Can I contact the other shops and tell them to beware of this guy? More so actually, expecting them to do the same...because once you block an account for not paying, he just finds someone else to dupe.

    Any advice will be held in the highest regard.


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    I can't give you legal advice I'm afraid but there's a great thread here about debt collecting to start with.


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