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Thread: Prediction.... Solar PV - Grid tied

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    Prediction.... Solar PV - Grid tied

    I look into my crystal ball and foresee many a messed up Solar PV grid tied solar installation coming to a rooftop in Gauteng, done by business men not electricians, soon.......

    Already had a laugh at one guy who didn't see the need to use DC isolators, rather go for the cheaper AC one to isolate his Solar panels from his inverter. Better for the profit margin. He now knows that DC arcs better than AC. Shouldn't have laughed.... But did. They need to get some regs out on this because I'm seeing quite few of these things going in now.

    Anyone on here doing Grid tie yet?????

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    Yeah, the solar industry around these parts is like the wild west. I've come across a couple of supposedly professional installations that were grossly inadequate installations and flawed designs.


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    Yeah, what about the AC breakers used in line to batteries, they have yet to see what happens to it when they disconnect the breaker under full load - aah no disconnection of contacts as they weld together....
    I use a Anderson Battery connector as a means to disconnect the battery in circuit.
    Click image for larger version. 

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