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Thread: Pastel Customer Statements Question

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    Pastel Customer Statements Question


    How do I get the customer statement to only display the open items (Invoices due)? At the moment, all our customer statements are showing the Invoices as well as the line where it was paid.

    We need it to look like this example:

    Open Item statement
    An Open Item statement shows all invoices that have an open balance (an amount still owed).
    The original amount of each invoice is shown along with the open amount.
    04/6/12 Invoice #8: Due 02/23/2012 300.00 100.00
    04/8/12 Invoice #9: Due 02/27/2012 100.00 100.00

    But it currently looks like this: (have xx'd out invoice numbers)

    Date: Reference Description Debit Credit
    01/07/2015 BF/OI-01 Balance forward to Open item 63 602.00
    08/07/2015 INAxxxxx Tax Invoice 29 184.00
    17/07/2015 INAxxxxx Tax Invoice 160 512.00
    20/07/2015 INAxxxxx Tax Invoice 43 776.00
    05/08/2015 INAxxxxx Tax Invoice 28 386.00
    12/08/2015 12080003 PAYMENT RECEIVED INAxxxxx 28 386.00
    06/08/2015 INAxxxxx Tax Invoice 56 772.00
    14/08/2015 14080003 PAYMENT RECEIVED INAxxxxx 56 772.00
    06/08/2015 INAxxxxxx Tax Invoice 19 266.00
    13/08/2015 13080002 PAYMENT RECEIVED INAxxxxxxx 19 266.00

    We have called Pastel and we've tried everything they've suggested but it still prints the same way.

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    From what I can see, the second one is in the open item format. Its simply also including the payment transactions which occurred in the last month, where an item has been paid up. It won't show up again next month. This is good practice as it allows the customer to see that you received last months payment and that it has been allocated correctly.

    I doubt you'll be able to remove the red portion - unless there is nothing else outstanding for the month. Then you can select the option which does not print zero balance statements.

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    BusFact is correct.

    With regard to the first line item - 01/07/2015 BF/OI-01 Balance forward to Open item 63 602.00 - this was caused by the account having been converted from a Balance Forward account to an Open Item account, and represents the sum of all the outstanding invoices at the time of the conversion. The amount on this line item will decrease over time as the invoices making up that amount are paid, and it will eventually disappear.
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