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Thread: Titanium Geyser Element: Solution To Reduce Your Hot Water Consumption By 50%?

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    Actually uses 15% less energy only. The "close to 50%"only comes with the addition of the thermal controller and assumes that your geyser thermostat is turned up to a temperature higher than 55 degrees.

    It definitely saves no doubt, just not as boldly stated.

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    I think the main problem is the Kwilkot geyser. Why does it only work on Kwikot? I renamed them Kwikcrap as they frequently burst before the 3y warranty is up (no, not 5y anymore). So what good is a different element to save electricity if the geyser fails far too early. I manage 130 properties and have been through many geyser replacements in the last 10 years. If I have a choice I chose anything, but never Kwikcrap. They tried to cheat me twice so I have a passionate aversion against them.
    I happily spend a small fortune and installed a 10y warranty solar geyser last year. As my electricity consumption was quite low already before the installation it will never pay itself off. But I am very happy that my element only kicks in 0-5h a month in last 4 months and that I doing my share of being environmentally friendly. Its very pleasing to shower with hot water and not having paid Eskom for it. Now we have a water problem in the Cape, but that is a different topic.
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    Water Heating

    Hi Andy,

    I am doing plumbing for many years, and and energy efficient system still have to be developed.
    This solar hype that started several years ago turned out to be just a new money making scheme.

    Every solar heated system needs Escom backup, and the solar company advertising the BIG savings,
    also require that a timer switch be installed and set to 2 hours morning and 2 hours afternoon heating.
    So the real saving is the timer of R 300.00, and not so much the solar of R 20,000.00+

    A company with the name Nu Inc ( ) then claim that their titanium
    element, using PTC heating elements (ceramic chips), is the answer, saving up to 50%. With an additional benefit: lime does
    not stick to titanium.
    This area has heavy lime deposits, causing regular element failures, up to 5 times per year. I saw elements, that lasted more than a year,
    with such heavy lime deposits, that the element could not be recognized as an element anymore.

    As said before on this forum, the form of heating will not make a difference to the energy used.
    Please take a look at this element, and tell me if you agree to what is claimed??

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