I see there is some debate around appointments for Chapter 9 institutions. I think this article frames the issue quite well.
A parliamentary committee has proposed sweeping and controversial changes to the structure and functioning of institutions such as the Human Rights Commission (HRC) and the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa).

In a report tabled in parliament yesterday, the ad hoc committee on the review of chapter 9 and associated institutions says perceptions that Icasa lacks independence are "potentially undermining of its credibility and, therefore, its legitimacy".

In a 267-page report to the national assembly, the committee, chaired by veteran ANC MP Kader Asmal, says the appointment of Icasa councillors by the communications minister "could be seen as infringing on independence and … is inappropriate". It calls for Icasa's performance management system to be revised "to remove the role of the minister".

The news was welcomed by industry players, who last year strongly objected to the proposal in the Icasa Amendment Act that communications minister Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri should appoint the regulator's councillors.

The bill was signed into law last year, after President Thabo Mbeki returned the original version for redrafting because it would hurt the impartiality and independence of the council. Under the new law, councillors are appointed by the minister with the approval of the national assembly, which originally selects candidates. The assembly has the power to veto the minister's decision and request a review.
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I know lots of folk have been less than excited about how independently ICASA seems to have conducted their affairs. And there was all the excitement about proposed changes a year ago that could have affected the independence of the judiciary.

But in the midst of all this debate about just who should be doing the appointing so as to ensure responsible objectivity and independence for Chapter 9 institutions, the one thought that struck me was this...

In a way these proposals are an indictment of the ministers.