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Thread: Beware of cellphone hacking

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    Beware of cellphone hacking

    Cyber criminals are extending their reach. People who use their cellphones as mobile offices are also being warned to be on the alert for cyber criminals. Although not yet prevalent in SA, cellphone hacking is becoming more and more common worldwide. The more you can do with your cellphone, the higher your risk of being exposed to cyber criminals.

    Dominic White, a senior consultant in enterprise Risk Services at Deloitte, cautioned that it would not be long before cellphone hacking started rearing its ugly head because new services were rapidly being adopted in the country, says Business Report. White said the three features that increased the risk were Bluetooth, infrared signalling and wireless fidelity (wi-fi), especially if users were not aware of the features' functions. ‘As more features emerge, so will the new attacks, and they can take control of your device. They can obtain information from your cellphone; they can make calls that are high cost and you will be left with the bill; they can send a virus to your phone.’ White said the first cellphone virus was discovered in 2004. There were now more than 100 such viruses.

    Full report in Business Report:

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    Reminds me of Paris Hilton... Good example of what can happen when your phone is hacked...

    If you are not confident in your knowledge about certain features on your shine new phone, disable it until such time as you have the knowledge to protect yourself.

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