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Thread: MEMA - Changing a current liability into an asset!

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    MEMA - Changing a current liability into an asset!

    Hi my name is Sean Smith, and I was recently introduced to a company called Mema, which means invite in Khosa.

    After looking at I realized that this opportunity is too good to ignore for various reasons.

    First of the reasons is that the initial capital outlay is a choice of R80, R100, or R139 per month that gives you a Funeral policy for R5K, R10K,or R20K cover and the underwriters are very well known and reputable companies giving this opportunity tremendous credibility.

    Second reason is that the first two people you introduce to this concept means your product cost is covered with the commission you get from them, and this alone is already phenomenal...also important to mention that you get paid from the very first person you introduce to this opportunity.

    Further more the amount of money that you can make is totally predictable if you follow the brilliant action plan that we have in our team currently and the opportunity to help other people is unmatched compared to anything else I have ever seen before...the perfect compensation plan, the perfect intangible product with a monthly debit order and mark related value and cost, and the most easiest way to do a little of work while building strong long lasting relationships with people you care for.

    The support and training provided is remarkable and I am sure with Mema we will make a great difference in this country and the world as next year plans are to launch this opportunity abroad.

    Anybody interested in a weekly workable plan that will astonish you with the simplicity and effectiveness of this NM opportunity, can simply contact me by e-mail and I will respond with more information as how to get involved and what to do to get serious income ongoing in only one week of work...My Sponsor managed to create a one week work action plan that he demonstrated successfully and is easy to achieve and teaches others to do the same creating a ripple effect that will translate to unseen potential earnings in this industry in a very short period of time.

    Looking forward to assist anybody with the intention and desire to achieve the financial life style that you are looking for.

    If you like what you see on the website and wish to sign up then all you need to do to be in my team is use my cellphone number to register and I will be in touch with you to give you the action plan in detail and assist you all the way to a better life number is 0826659337

    Welcome to Mema, the Network that gives most % pay out ever in the industry of NM.

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    Hi Sean.

    A very well written and self explanatory write up. I have very recently joined Mema and will be sending you a email shortly. Kind Regards.

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