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As a young South African, 20 years old right now, I started doing affiliate marketing. I noticed one thing. Most of the South Africans I talked to just told me I'm doing MLM or in Pyramide Scheme. I didn't listen and continued doing my business while staying in my lane. I started making good money working with europeans and Americans. My question: How do I recruit good ambitious South Africans? This is the reason there's no African dream. We allways hear of the American dream, where one can achieve everything, but we Africans just don't like to try new things. Can someone tell me what I'm not understanding/doing wrong? B.t.w The company is called Karatbars International.

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Karatbars is just like the other network marketing companies out there. You must brand yourself and promote yourself rather than promote the company itself. In other words you need to build relationships with persons in order to successfully market the company to them.