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Thread: Tax: Online filing held up by system glitch

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    Tax: Online filing held up by system glitch

    The launch of an online tax-filing facility has been delayed after pilot tests revealed system flaws, the SA Revenue Service (SARS) said yesterday. ‘We are ... not prepared to offer any service where we are not happy with the quality and cannot guarantee a pleasant experience for all taxpayers. We expect the eFiling facility to be functional next week,’ said SARS. The eFiling system worked well when it was opened to a limited group of taxpayers. However, when the facility was opened to a larger pool of taxpayers, ‘performance problems’ with the system were noted. The eFiling channel for individual tax returns was scheduled to be open yesterday.

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    I felt those "performance problems" today. Got my monthly EMP201 returns in, but a way slower process than usual. I normally manage to get it done the day before D-Day, so I don't know how much of those performance issues were due to higher volume as opposed to capacity changes.
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