Hi Folks,

It's been a while since I last posted. But I just had to do this again...

Just the other day I watched an add from "Drive alive campaign" and couldn't help but wonder if maybe they haven't got it a bit screwed up? In the US kids begin "driver's ed" at an early stage and soon get to know how to drive... hopefully, safely. When this same form was proposed to the Government of the day, back in 1980's, they had a problem with the cost of implementation.

Just think, the kids who would have attended this education would be in their 20's today and probably driving (most accidents are in the 18 - 25 age group), surely the alarming stats would be somewhat different if a proper education had been given? Something I feel increases the problem is the many driving schools we have today that don't even have roadworthy vehicles, and probably drive with questionable licenses? Yet, you can't apply for a driver's license if you didn't attend said driving school! Gone are the days when Mum or Dad taught you to drive, they probably did a better job anyway, because they cared whether you could drive or not and it wasn't about money to them.

Makes you think that we are perhaps the creators of our own demise?